About Us

About twelve15twenty

twelve15twenty is a subsidiary of eGlobal Connection and is founded by a team in Singapore who is obsessed and passionate about women shoes. The founders would travel overseas to hunt for shoes that meet the arrays of need of today’s women. The operating philosophy here is to share the interest in women shoes with like-minded women.

The birth of the brand name came from the range of shoes that we carry is limited in numbers; they come in twelve pairs, 15 pairs or twenty pairs and in selected range of colours families of black/white, red, blue and earth. Once the shoes are sold out, they will not be restocked, instead, they will be commemorated in our ShoesBook. We understood that there are many like-minded shoes lovers who are as equally passionate about shoes, some would even view collecting shoes as their hobbies, hence, the feelings knowing that the shoes would be put in “history book” cannot be underrated, we understand this because we have experienced it as well. So if you really like a particular pair of shoes that we carry, do let us know, we will try our best to see what we can do for you. However, once the shoes have been commemorated in our ShoesBook, they will not be back for sale again in this website.

You may come across shoes in this website or other websites that you like, do share with the community of shoe lovers because we would like to hear from you. Get in touch with us via social media or visit our blog.  Watch out for the upcoming collections under sneak preview and be the first few to get a hand of our limited ranges of shoes before they are sold out. Hope you like the shoes that we carry. Get to know more about our stories through twelve15twenty blog ;)

And if you are a guy looking for nice shoes for your lady friend, girlfriend or wife, we are most glad to be of a help as well. Simply answer these questionnaires and mail it to us at twelve15twenty@gmail.com we will get back to you via our recommendations:

1) What are the activities that she engage in most of the time?

2) What is her occupation?

3) Tell us about her skin tone.

4) What is her favourite color (if any)?

5) What are the top 2 most number of color dresses or blouses that she owns?

Enjoy shopping with us!